Want to rejuvenate the appeal and style of your existing landscape? If you are scouring for simple yet exciting makeover ideas for your outdoor living areas, you can try adding a beautiful water feature in your yard. Having a flowing water feature in your outdoor space will not just upscale the overall aesthetic of your landscape. It can also be an exquisite addition to the private oasis you plan to create in your yard.

At Toowoomba Landscaping, we have designed and installed a number of water features for residential and commercial properties in the city. With its subtle trickle and soothing appearance, many homeowners wish to have a lovely pond or elegant fountain in their gardens. Do you also plan to have a gorgeous water feature on your property? Check out these water feature ideas we have curated so you can have inspiration for your next project.

Kid-Friendly Splash Pads

For those who prefer a cost-efficient and kid-friendly water feature in their garden, you can try adding a splash pad in your yard. Splash pads require less budget and maintenance than streams, ponds, and fountains, so many homeowners favour them. Let your kids have a fun and enjoyable water adventure as they run around the sprinklers. Splash pads made for residential applications can be crafted to any style that you want so you can customize them to fit your existing landscape. Moreover, splash pads are also safe for your kids because there will be no standing water in the area.

Natural Backyard Pond

Do you wish to hear the relaxing trickle of water in your yard after a long and busy day? If you have an extensive area, you can opt for a natural backyard pond. This landscaping feature can escalate the beauty of your space and be a great spot for your guests. You can utilize various landscaping elements to achieve the style you want. Try adding beautiful pebbles, stones, plants, flowers and trees around it to attain a natural and vibrant design. Moreover, you can also modify it into a koi pond if you are fond of these lovely fishes. Just ensure that you have ample space and use non-toxic materials for the fishes to grow and live.

Small Stream

For a clean and minimalist landscape design, you can try to line your yard with a simple stream. This idea is good for those who do not have enough space in their backyard. Since it can be a subtle and elegant addition, a small stream is chosen by homeowners that want to achieve a modern look for their water features. You can have a controlled and shallow stream with different levels to accentuate the structure of your yard. Add some beautiful stones and pebbles or a small waterfall to enhance its look.

Water Blade Fountain

If you don’t have a space for a traditional fountain, a water blade fountain is a great alternative. This water feature also suits a contemporary styled home because of its sleek style and finish. You can install it with a pond or your existing pool to increase its aesthetic appeal. However, if you want it to be a centrepiece in your yard, it can also be a freestanding water feature.

Tiered Garden Waterfalls

Go all out and create a stunning tiered waterfall in your garden. You can mix it with other water features such as fountains, streams and ponds. This is a good idea for those who have extensive usable space in their yard. A well-designed waterfall can be a focal point in your property. You can use materials like pebbles or stones to make it look more natural or use glass to achieve a modern and minimalist style. Consult with a professional landscaping contractor because a tiered garden waterfall can be a bit complicated compared to other water features.

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