A deck made of hardwood is known to be durable and long-lasting. It is an excellent investment that can upscale the value of your property and provide a functional and stunning spot for outdoor recreations. However, without proper care and maintenance, it might not last as long as it should have. After you have installed your dream hardwood deck, it is crucial to know the things and processes that can increase its life for you to maximize its use.

At Toowoomba Landscaping, we understand that a hardwood deck can have an expensive upfront cost. That is why it is essential to find ways to properly take care of this type of deck. Our team got you covered! Here are some straightforward tips on to effectively maintain your hardwood deck so it can function well and stay stunning for the years to come.

Have it properly installed.

A vital step you should not forget when having a hardwood deck is to have it properly installed. If a hardwood deck is not properly installed, there is a great chance that you will have to spend on costly maintenance and repairs in the future.

You have to know the process of wood acclimation. This process pertains to when the hardwood materials adjust to the moisture content and temperature of their new environment. Doing so will help prevent the wood from substantially expanding or shrinking after it has been installed. Hardwood typically needs around 7 to 14 days before it can be used for your deck. Although there are many DIY deck projects on the internet, we still recommend hiring a reliable and skilled deck builder near you to ensure that nothing is amiss during the installation.

Refinish your hardwood deck periodically.

This tip is for aesthetic purposes only. You don’t really have to refinish your hardwood deck to protect it from rot, insect infestation or moisture because it is naturally resistant to these things. However, if you prefer to retain the original colour of your hardwood deck for a long time, you can use a high-quality oil-based hardwood formula to refinish your deck. On the other hand, if you wish to achieve a faded silver-grey colour for your hardwood deck, you can skip this step and let your deck weather naturally.

Try to clean your deck regularly.

Regularly cleaning your hardwood deck might be an obvious tip, but it is the hardest one to follow for some people. This may seem like a tiring task to do, but it can significantly lessen the extensive maintenance and repairs for your deck in the long run. Although hardwood decks are resistant to mould and mildew, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to it. Mould can still grow on leaves, dirt, or food debris, so it is essential to sweep regularly and get rid of spills or standing water on your deck immediately to avoid mould buildup.

Give your deck a deep clean.

Aside from regular sweeping, deep cleaning your hardwood deck every now and then is also recommended to remove stubborn stains or dirt that may be stuck in between your deck boards. This process is relatively easy because you just have to combine water with dish soap to create a cleaning solution. After that, get a nylon broom or a brush with medium stiffness and dunk it on the cleaning solution. Scrub the surface thoroughly, rinse it and let it dry completely.

Fix loose screws, nails or fasteners immediately.

Since decks are usually exposed to heat and moisture, it tends to contract or expand over time. Due to that, screws, nails or fasteners may be loosened. Although this event is not common for hardwood decks, it is still vital to be on the lookout for loose boards so you can fix them right away. If you notice any loose board in your deck, have it fixed as soon as you can to prevent unwanted accidents.

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